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, Sam (Annie Parisse) and Ethan (Keegan-Michael Key) meet at Manhattan’s famously unpopular Jekyll & Hyde restaurant during the day.Considering the fact that the place is largely seen as a tourist trap, their hope is that it will be the perfect place to discuss their long-standing extramarital affair without running the risk of bumping into anyone they know. And yet, not long into their discussion about a passionate kiss at a recent party celebrating the return of Ethan and his wife, Lisa (Cobie Smulders), to the five boroughs, a college friend recognizes Key’s character and nearly blows their cover.Letters of personal reference are typically used in the sentencing process.

Loki's magic may be sealed, but his inventive brain is still free.

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The director, who has shown a knack for darker show-business comedy fare in , underlines that in a series of images and scenes that depict adult behavior and undermine it at the same time.

The Jekyll & Hyde scene would qualify, with the restaurant’s mix of the horrid and the ridiculous reflecting both Ethan and Sam’s relationship and their moral struggle with their infidelities.