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Serrano usually makes large prints of about 20 by 30 inches (51 by 76 cm).He has shot an array of subject matter including portraits of Klansmen, morgue photos, and pictures of burn victims.According to leaked information from household staff, Ryan Gosling likes to pee sitting down.

The idea of either being a lesbian or being straight is the perpetuation of a terrible stereotype.

I say this because a year ago I made a policy decision to only urinate sitting down.

I do this not because I am prone to fainting spells or am inexcusably lazy or because I would like to be called Jennifer, but because after 42 years of urinating standing up, I've had enough of the constant cleaning up.

What is it about sitting down to take a leak that men hate? Most men feel that there is something decidedly unmasculine about it: What’s wrong with standing upright and giving the lav a good blasting? I've learned that men who stand up to urinate in a toilet which is designed to be sat on are probably psychotic.

What about the act of urination do you find so tiring and dizzying that you have to take the weight off your legs to do it? This action alone is one of the great misuses of technology. Like tipping a bottle of 1945 Pauillac into a boiling pot of spag bol.