Yakuza 4 hostess dating guide

Scroll to the substory you wish to know your progress for.

This is also where you can check whether you "completed" a substory (yellow) or "finished" a substory (white).

Indomitable can only be unlocked on Normal difficulty so either way you will still need to play the game on Normal at some point.

It is not necessary to complete Substories should you come across them in the story, but the rewards and experience gained can make the story-related parts much easier. The Ultimate Skill trials are unlocked upon completing the game once. This time around, there are no ranks introduced for each trial, you only need to complete all of them to unlock Heir to the Ultimate and the War God Talisman which gives you infinite Heat Gauge all the time.

Akiyama may create friendship , is to scout girls for the cabaret he owns.

A girl is improved by dressing her up and training her.

If you choose to start the game on Normal, should you die/fail any of the story or substory related tasks, you must NOT revert to Easy when given the option or you will miss out on Indomitable .

If you prefer a challenge, start on Hard instead, which will unlock the Ex-Hard difficulty upon completion.

In addition to combat, free roaming and mini-games, you'll get to try out the game's hostess component.You scout your hostess on the streets of Kamiyacho, and build her up into a top hostess at a hostess club that's run by one of the game's four main characters, Shun Akiyama.The game includes "3 plus alpha" hostesses (that presumably means 4, unless the "plus alpha" is a goat or something).Three locations have been added since Yakuza 3: a rooftop area stretching across a large portion of the town), the back streets of Kamurocho (known as Rojiura Yakuza 4 has three new protagonists in addition to Kazuma Kiryu, the main character since the original Yakuza game: Masayoshi Tanimura (Hiroki Narimiya), Shun Akiyama (Kōichi Yamadera) and Taiga Saejima (Rikiya Koyama).Note that you can always check where to go for each substory by going to the Pause Menu, under Substories.