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Cloud's hair has become one of the trademarks of his appearance, although in later appearances the spikes have been toned down.

Cloud has blue eyes, which glow due to him having being exposed to Mako.

An arrogant and proud swordsman at first, Cloud introduces himself as a former member of an elite warrior unit called SOLDIER who has turned mercenary, and uninterested in anything beyond his hired task at hand.

He later discovers the truth about his past and, with the help of his friends, learns there is more to being a hero than possessing physical strength and fame, developing compassion for the world and people he fights to protect.

Noctis wears black cropped trousers and black buckled boots with red soles.

The series is set in the mid-21st century and centers around the New York Police and Security Department – in particular Lt. Robb tends to write 2 or 3 In Death novels per year.He keeps it unzipped and the tag on the zipper also has a small skull.Underneath, he wears a steel gray shirt with skull prints.Noctis Lucis Caelum is the playable character and main protagonist of Final Fantasy XV.He is the Crown Prince and heir to the throne of Lucis, the kingdom to have control over the Crystal. He was first announced for the cancelled game Final Fantasy Versus XIII, which eventually transformed into the Final Fantasy XV Universe.