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Inquire with an event planner to create a customized experience your guests won’t forget! fillet Wasabi Cream 1 Cup Wasabi 4 Cups Sour Cream Curry Saki Gastrique 1 Bottle of Saki 3 Cups Rice Wine Vinegar 3 Cups Sugar 2 Tablespoons of Curry 1. Culinary Creations caters the lunch program and provides a variety of tasty and healthy meals.

One woman behind the pair can be seen staring at the screen open-mouthed in shock.Diane’s Delicious Diner provides a simulated restaurant environment in which students can develop and apply their culinary skills. Now offering two options for lunch:(1) All courses, beverage and tax - (all inclusive); or(2) Choose a course, à la carte - .50 plus tax and beverages Reservations are required for Diane’s Delicious Diner.Please fill out the form below or call 608-246-MENU.If you do not show up and/or call the office before a.m.with your reason for your absence, you will be charged for a no show, which will cover the cost of paying additional support.