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One idiosyncrasy with having a partner in consulting is you won't get to see them 3–4 days a week if they're on a travel case.I’m 29 years old, currently living overseas (Japan) and travel around the world for work.I make in the high five figures, am in good shape, have an interesting job, am very active and fit, and am told I’m decently attractive.My big problem is meeting women and trying to form a relationship.

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I would optimize around taking 5 am Monday flights to spend more time with her as opposed to a Sunday flight which wouldn't have me waking up at am.So if you want to not lose your spouse to his tennis partner or a beer-chugging lunatic, be well informed. Will be clean-shaven or will have a well-trimmed beard from Monday to Thursday.But when she/he comes home, the clock will strike 12, and s/he will be transformed into a shorts-wearing, prickly ball of hair!There are a good number of large consulting firms in Chicago.Most of the employees travel about 85% of the time.