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With the swipe of a finger, I can send a quick encouragement to a friend, reminder to a co-worker, or love note to my hubby.And the craziest part is that I can hardly remember the time before texting.But behind the “safety” of a cell phone, it’s not uncommon for communication between two people to go downhill fast.If you’re hoping to keep your interactions with the opposite sex healthy and drama-free, here are some text message patterns you need to avoid: like this, but it sure does seem like it. It’s the text interaction that ends up going nowhere, because it’s a series of text messages that keep you interacting with someone, yet without really accomplishing anything at all.

It shows that you're not texting just because you feel like it, but because you want to keep a conversation going and that you care what he crush thinks. Therefore, if you're sending flirty messages, make sure you're using suitable punctuation and that your sentences are complete. Try not to go overboard or your crush will be able to see that you're trying too hard.You have to be witty, playful and charming in just a sentence or two, and once sent, there's no way to take a text back. When you're trying to think of something flirty to text your crush, you should try to think of something no one else but you could say.This will pique the interest of your crush and will make her more likely to respond to you right away.Just relax and send a text when the time feels right. Be a little bit playful and make fun of your crush, and let them make fun of you back.You shouldn't spend more than a minute deciding what's the best text to send.​5. This shows that you don't take yourself too seriously and that you're invested in the person you're texting.